“leckerweinsche” is now “wine-love”

A concept of success – the wine blog “leckerweinsche” by Beate Müller is offering virtual wine tastings with a variety of wines from local and international brands and can from now on be found at “wine-love.de”.

Experience cultural diversity at home 

Discover and enjoy new wines in the comfort of your own home – our concept offers the experience of a special wine tasting to everyone, no matter where you are. Virtual wine tastings with wines from all over the globe are the perfect opportunity to experience the taste and flair of foreign countries. A simply different wine tasting: No stress anymore, no need to think about the drive home – the car can stay at home and no one needs to drive. If you are alone, a couple or a group – everyone can enjoy the wine and dip into a different culture for one night. You can cook for yourself, order dinner at your favourite restaurant or simply enjoy the wine itself – everything as you wish. It’s just your wine that has a journey – we will deliver the wine package to your door.

No time for traveling? No problem! 

We offer a variety of virtual wine events with wines from South America, Greece, Spain, Italy and many more countries. We also don’t forget about Germany – discover small family companies and secret tips from the vineyards of Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Nahe and Mosel. New vineries are constantly being added. You can join the events from wherever you want, all you need is an internet connection and the Zoom App on your smartphone or computer.

Who are we? 

Beate Müller has been operating many years as part of her Online-Marketing agency, the wine blog leckerweinisch.de. In this blog, via facebook and Instagram she posts about wines from all over the world. She tastes the wines at home, on excursions in surrounding wine areas or on journeys near and far. In this context she also organized wine tastings within the network of her Online-Marketing Agency. In mid-March 2020 the events were swiftly transformed into online-events. This got so much good feedback, that the events are now being continued and leckerweinisch.de is transformed to winelove.de. We are running some bilingual events, because many attendees in Wiesbaden are stationed Americans and the virtual wine tasting is simply for everyone.


We are working with a variety of vineries and wine merchants from all over the world and value a sustainable and solid collaboration. The vintners stand up for the transmission of traditional values and the protection of the vineyards. At the wine tastings you will learn interesting information about the cultivation and production of the wines. You can get to know new red wine, white wine and rosé, as well as winemakers, who want to share everything about their job with you. Our wine tastings are virtual trips to a region of your choice;  we will show pictures and videos of the landscape, the viticulture and the wineries.

In addition to virtual wine tastings, we offer a variety of wines in our wine shop. The wine tastings can also be booked as private wine events and are perfect for team events, wine clubs, Christmas parties and much more!

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