2017 – Arvanitidis Xinómavro – Thessaloniki, Greece


17,20  / 1000 ml

2017 – Arvanitidis Xinómavro – Thessaloniki, Greece

Minimum order quantity: 3 bottles

Produkt enthält: 750 ml

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Red Xinómavro grapes are one of the finest grape varieties in Greece and one of the most difficult to domesticate. Its name reveals its basic characteristics: high acidity (Xino = acidity), deep red, almost black (Mavro = black) and obvious tannin content. Wine that is intended for a long period of storage gets better every year.

The winemaker must have the highest wine content. The Arvanitidis winery has risen to this challenge and shows Xinómavro with super-ripe fruit properties (plums and wild berries) and exciting nuances of mocha and dried tomatoes. The wine is full-bodied, extremely long and lively. There is also a big problem: enjoy it now or keep it?

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13,0% vol

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0,75 L

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