2020 Lison DOCG – Ornella Bellia – Veneto, Italy


(12,67  / 1 Liter)

2020 Lison DOCG – Ornella Bellia – Veneto, Italy

Minimum order: 3 bottles


The Lison comes from the Veneto plane (Terre Piane), where in the town of Pramaggiore the winemaker Ornella Bellia together with her husband Patrizio Masat is growing wine.

The wine out of 100% Tai (Fruliano) grapes is a wonderful example for the winery’s fresh and modern wines. The white wine has a strong straw yellow colour and through the lemon-coloured reflexes the wine’s colour becomes even more special.

The wine has a full-bodied and strong taste as well as a pleasant acidity and spicy aromas. The Lison has an aftertaste of bitter almond that os also becomes noticeable in the perfume.

The perfume is completed by the typical Lison aromas and by hints of spices, cut grass and fruity notes.

Due to its spicyness the wine is a perfect match for strong, dishes that are prepared with herbs. Vitello Tonnato, Spaghetti Vonghole or a strong meat broth are just a few examples.

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