2020 Riesling Classic


(7,87  / 1 Liter)

2020 Riesling Classic – a filigree wine

Minimum order: 3 bottles


The Riesling Classic

The Rheingau Riesling is a very expressive wine. It seduces with the fruity taste of yellow fruits such as citrus, pear or peach. Despite the dry taste, the how can also seem slightly delicate.

Classic wines

The term Classic describes a quality level of the wine. Only red or white wines may bear this title. The Classic quality wine may be produced only from wine grapes. The alcohol content of the grape must be at least one percent by volume higher than the prescribed alcohol content for the growing region. It is not permitted to specify the location, area or place of production. The name Classic Weine is protected by the German Wine Institute. Learn more about Classic Wines here.

Cultivation of Classic Wines

The Rheingau region is located in the Rhine-Main area and includes vineyards such as Eltville, Geisenheim, Kiedrich, Lorch or Walluf. The climate in the Rheingau area is exceptionally mild. It lies in the rain shadow of the Rheingau Mountains and consists mainly of southern slopes. The strong sunshine as well as the prevention of the outflow of cold night air through the forests make the Rheingau an ideal growing area. The most common grape variety is Riesling followed by Pinot Noir.

The Winzer von Erbach from the Rheingau region

The winegrowers’ cooperative Winzer von Erbach from the Rheingau grow wine on 33 hectares of land. Mineral Rieslings and soft Spätburgunder wines are particularly popular. The association consists of 31 winegrowers with a strong family cohesion. The association has been in existence since 1953 and today owns 5 vineyards. Riesling makes up 85% of their wines. Learn more about the Winzer von Erbach or see what other wines they offer.


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