Csopaki Olaszrizling 2017 Hungary


17,20  / 1000 ml

Csopaki Olaszrizling 2017 Hungary

Minimum order: 3 bottles

Produkt enthält: 750 ml

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Olaszrizling means “Italian Riesling” in German and is a variation of the Riesling known in this country, which was brought to Hungary over hundreds of years ago. This wine is fermented in small barrels and then matured for 10 months.

A special feature of this wine is recognition in the context of the Csopak Codex. This is an independent system to protect the brand and origin of the high-quality wines from the region in the north of Lake Balaton.

Additional information


13,0% vol

Contains sulphites


Content size

0,75 L

Grape variety




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