2020 Dittelsheimer Pinot Gris


(13,33  / 1 Liter)

2020 Dittelsheimer Pinot Gris – Winery Hungermüller

Minimum order quantity: 3 bottles


The 2020 Dittelsheimer Pinot Gris

The dry Pinot Gris from the Hungermüller winery enchants with its light and velvety almond scent after the first sip. Like all wines from the Hungermüller winery, this wine is vegan.

Cultivation and harvest of the Dittelsheim Pinot Gris

The wine washed on the Dittelsheimer Geierberg, which has deep, calcareous clay soil. The wine was carefully harvested by hand in autumn 2020 and pressed after a maceration period.

Food recommendations for the Dittelsheimer Pinot Gris

Beef, pork, poultry, fried and steamed dishes, dairy products, salad, nuts, herbs and white bread go particularly well with the wine. This wine is also ideal for Barbecues.

Hungermuller Winery

Quality is the highest goal for the winegrowers from Rheinhessen. Ralf and Heike Hungermüller grew up in wine-growing businesses with the vineyards, the grapes and the wine.

High-quality wines from Rheinhessen

Since only small amounts are bottled, the wines can be processed and treated particularly gently and carefully. Since the winery only harvests healthy grapes, processes very small quantities and gives the wines as much time as they need, they produce special handmade individual pieces.

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