Virtual Wine Tasting Greek wines and specialties and DER DORFLADEN on April 16th, 2021


Virtual Wine Tasting Greek wines and specialties and DER DORFLADEN on April 16th, 2021 

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Culinary journey through mainland Greece

On April 16, 2021 at 7 p.m. we are going on a culinary journey in Greece. We discover olive oil, fleur de sel and delicious essolives from the holy city of Messolonghi in western Greece, a spicy paprika paste and noble truffle tomato sauce from northern Greece. Our fixed point are the wines from autochthonous Greek grape varieties from the Arvanitidis winery near Thessaloniki.

Your tour guides are on this virtual journey

Thanasis Arvanitidis, agronomist, winemaker, co-founder and owner of the Arvanitidis winery.

Maria Netsika is one of the most profound connoisseurs of the Greek wine landscape. Oenologist, wine critic, publisher of a well-known wine magazine, author and organizer of the wine fair “Map of Flavors” and the Wine Club THESSALONIKI’96.

Silke Kauer from DER DORFLADEN in Wiesbaden, who brings you the wines and many culinary discoveries from small factories in Greece directly to the city without intermediaries.

With some baguette bread in your luggage, you are well equipped for this trip. You can find everything else in your wine and enjoyment package.

Ktima Arvantidis in Askos, a village in the Thessaloniki prefecture

The Arvanitidis winery is run by the brothers Thanasis and Giorgos. It is just under an hour’s drive northeast of Thessaloniki in the picturesque village of Askos at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. A constant breeze blows up from Lake Koronia, creating optimal conditions for viticulture. Because the light wind ensures healthy plants and makes them less susceptible to diseases. The wines are produced in their own small but fully equipped winery.

The following wines are included in the package

1 x Arvanitidis Malagousiá 2020 (alc. 13% vol.)

1 x Arvanitidis Assyrtiko 2019 (alc. 13% vol)

1 x Arvanitidis Xinómavro Rosé 2019 (alc. 13.5% vol)

1 x Arvanitidis Xinómavro 2017 (alc. 13.0% vol)

The following foods

1 x olive oil, extra-virgin, early harvest 2020, 0.5 l

1 x fleur de sel, 80 g

1 x Stuffed Green Olives with Lemon, 370 g

1 x spicy paprika paste, 220 g

1 x tomato sauce with summer truffle, 180 g

The event details at a glance

The wine package costs € 84,90 including VAT and including delivery

The wine package must be ordered in order to participate in the online tasting.

I invite you to the meeting, you need the Zoom app on your mobile phone or Zoom must be installed on the PC.

Binding registrations are possible until April 9th, 2021.


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