Virtual Wine Tasting with cheese and the winery Bürgermeister Schmitt on April 3rd, 2021


Virtual Wine Tasting with the winery Bürgermeister Schmitt on April 3rd, 2021



Virtual Wine Tasting with cheese and the winery Bürgermeister Schmitt on April 3rd, 2021

A very special wine event for connoisseurs awaits us on April 3rd, 2021 at 7 p.m. Eckhard Höbel presents wines from his wine estate Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt in Rheinhessen together with selected cheeses. The cheese selection was hand-picked to match the wine. This results in a wonderful experience of a mixture of the strong taste and the often sweet aromas of the wine. The cheese to be tasted comes from the regional cheese trade Alp-Käsladen. Be enchanted by the interplay of German wine and matching cheese! Find out everything about the special viticulture and the special sense of taste of the winemaker that it takes to perfectly match wine and cheese! Order your package and be there!

The Weingut Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt

The winery Weingut Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt is based in Mommenheim, Rheinhessen. What makes it peculiar the adventurous nature of the owner Eckhard Höbel: the associated vineyards are spread over different communities and even different wine regions. 

Among other things, Eckhard Höbel manages the steepest vineyard in Rauenthaler Rothenberg in the Rheingau area. The old vines and the barren soil allow the production of a special wine.

Extraordinary wines are also created by the calcareous soils around Eppelsheim in Rheinhessen. There the winery Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt owns vineyards as well. The “Rotliegend” from Nackenheimer Rothenberg completes there terroir-trilogy. There the typical mineral Rieslings of the red slope are vinified. 

According to the guidelines of the Ecovin Wine Association all of the winery’s products are manufactured ecologically. Moreover, since 2014 Eckhard Höbel’s wines are vegan products. 

We will try these wines

1x 2019 Erdbeermund, Portugieser Rosé dry 0.75 (12% vol)

1x Utschebebbesfumé, Cabernet Blanc Barrique 0.75 (13.5% vol)

1x 2015 Selzer Riesling late harvest mild 0.75 (13% vol)

1x Rheingau Riesling Beerenauslese barriqueedels sweet 0.375 (12% vol)

Alle wines contain sulphite

The Details of the Event at a Glance

The wine-package costs 72€ including VAT and delivery.

In order to participate ordering the wine package is mandatory.

I will invite you to the meeting, you need the Zoom app on your phone or it needs to be installed on your computer.

Binding registration is possible until March 27th, 2021.


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