Virtual wine tasting with red wines from Rheinhessen on October 22nd, 2021


Virtual wine tasting with red wines from Rheinhessen on October 22nd, 2021 



Virtual wine tasting with red wines from Rheinhessen on October 22nd, 2021 

Attention red wine fans! Today we have something very special for you – and certainly also for all those who otherwise prefer the white wine to the red one. At our next virtual wine tasting, you can taste and learn to love a special selection of red wines from the Steitz winery. 

The perfect opportunity to get to know good red wine from Germany: On October 22nd, 2021 at 7 p.m. Fritz Steitz will present us some particularly good red wines from his winery in Badenheim. 

For the Steitz winery, sustainable viticulture and a long term view of future generations are important aspects in the management of their vines. Enjoy the excellent wine experience of sustainable and resource-saving cultivation methods from Rheinhessen! 

Steitz vom Donnersberg – wines from Rheinhessen 

The history of the Steitz family can be traced back to 1510. And already in the fifth generation, the Steitz family is based in Badenheim in the west of Rheinhessen. But Fritz Steitz’s ancestors originally came from Donnersberg. 

The winery is a family business and cultivates the vines on different soils in growing areas in Rheinhessen and on the Nahe. 

The aim of the Steitz winery is to combine the special characteristics of these two wine-growing regions in its wines. 

The Steitz winery produces exceptional wines of special quality through a close connection to the homeland, a lot of patience, dedication and accuracy. 

We will try the following wines 

1x 2020 Merlot dry 

1x 2019 Badenheim St. Laurent 

1x 2018 Kreuznach Pinot Noir 

1x 2020 Dios red 

1x 2017 AllBlack Blend 

1x 2020 Portuguese 

All wines contain sulphites 

The event details at a glance 

The wine package costs 78€ including VAT including delivery. The wine package also includes dip and pretzels from the Jedermanns restaurant in Mainz. 

The wine package must be ordered in order to participate in the online tasting. 

I invite you to the meeting, you need the Zoom app on your mobile phone or Zoom must be installed on the PC. 

Binding registrations are possible until October 15th, 21st. 


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