Virtual wine-tasting with wines from Patagonia on September 17th, 2021

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Virtual wine-tasting with wines from Patagonia on September 17th, 2021 

Up for something new? At our next virtual wine tasting you can try excellent wines from the Malma winery in Argentina. On September 17th, 2021 at 7 p.m. Andres Höfferle will introduce us to three selected, particularly recommendable wines from the Patagonian winery.  

For this wine tasting there is also a package with two selected Patagonian premium red wines. For those who cannot decide between this package with a mix of red and white wines and the premium red wine, a combination package is also available!

The Malma wine gets a special taste due to the strong temperature differences between day and night – the aromas in the wine are particularly promoted by the change in weather. The improved sugar accumulation also contributes to a particularly intense taste of the wine. Cover yourself with the characteristic fresh and fruity taste of Patagonian wines! 

The Malma winery 

The winery was originally created through a vineyard project in which approx. 2000 hectares of the Patagonian steppe were transformed into a beautiful green and blooming landscape. The Argentine region of Patagonia is characterized by a sandy and stony steppe and strong winds. For nature lovers, the endless expanses of untouched wilderness are pure paradise. 

The region of the winery, San Patricio del Valle Chañar, has a particularly good climate for the vinification. The frequent changes in the outside temperature in which the vines grow allow the grapes to ripen slowly. The vines are fed with the meltwater from the Andes by drip irrigation. 

The grapes are picked by hand and the berries are selected. 

Today the Malma winery is equipped with the most modern technology for the production of high quality wines. After a short aging in barriques, elegant and harmonious, typical Patagonian wines are created. 

Höfferle – the South America specialists 

It all started with a trip to Argentina – the excellent wine from South America came to Germany as a souvenir. For more than 35 years, Höfferle has specialized in bringing the best wine treasures from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico into the local cellars. 

The wine selection 

During the tasting you can try these excellent Patagonian wines from the Malma winery: 

1 x Esencia Sauvignon Blanc / Semillion 0.75l (13% vol.) 

1 x Malma Esencia Cabernet 0.75l (14% vol.) 

1 x Malma Finca La Papaya Pinot Noir 0.75 l (14% vol.) 

The details of the event at a glance: 

The wine package costs 51 € including VAT, including delivery. 

The wine package must be ordered in order to participate in the online tasting. The meeting takes place via Zoom. We invite you to the meeting, all you need is the Zoom app on your mobile device or computer. 

All further information will follow after registration. 

Binding registrations are possible until September 10th, 2021. 


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