Vista Alegre LBV Port – Douro, Portugal


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Vista Alegre LBV Port – Douro, Portugal

Minimum order quantity: 3 bottles


This Vista Alegre LBV port wine comes from over 80 years old vineyards that were planted on old platforms and are mainly located in the south.

The grapes from a single harvest are picked by hand and transported in small boxes. Winemaking is carried out using the traditional method of port winemaking. After partial stalking, the grapes are crushed on foot in stone tanks. The fermentation takes place by means of temperature control and is interrupted by the addition of brandy. This wine has a great aging potential during its production.

The maturation in large wooden barrels can be bottled between the 4th and 6th year. When stored under ideal conditions, it has a potential bottle age of 20 years.

Excellent accompaniment for various types of cheese and desserts that are rich in chocolate, cream and coffee, as well as for fresh fruit, red fruits and wild berries, plums and pineapples. It also goes well with smoked ham and meat. Once opened, the bottle should be consumed in a few days, as the oxygen saturation was very short, although it had matured in oak barrels for some time. Therefore, after opening and decanting (if necessary), the wine “opens” and reaches its climax. Over time, it loses its initial freshness and radically changes its taste notes. It should be drunk at a temperature between 14 ° C and 16 ° C.

This port is a traditional unfiltered LBV that has not been cold stabilized or filtered. The stopper is made of cylindrical natural cork, like that of a vintage port. Keep the bottle at a constant temperature horizontally and protect it from strong light. Over the years it is natural to create a deposit in the bottle. Therefore, it should be carefully opened and decanted before serving.

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