2018 Pinot Gris Sauvage


(22,53  / 1 Liter)

2018 Pinot Gris Sauvage – a floral wine with brioche flavors

Minimum order: 3 bottles


The Pinot Gris Sauvage 

This white wine was grown like a red wine and can replace red wine well. The Pinot Gris is characterized by beautiful burgundy aromas paired with black tea and light wood notes. The wine is persistent in the mouth, yet very elegant.

The winery Mayor Adam Schmitt

The winery in Mommenheim in Rheinhessen cultivated vineyards in various surrounding municipalities and on variously shaped acreages. Even the steepest vineyard in the Rheingau is planted by the winery. The old vines and the partially barren soil yield a special wine.

The owner Eckhard Höbel, who is eager to experiment, produces all wines ecologically, according to the guidelines of the winegrowers’ association Ecovin. Furthermore, his wines are also vegan products since 2014.

Matching dishes to the Pinot Gris Sauvage

Pinot Gris goes well with roasted and strong dishes and can be drunk as a varied and legitimate substitute to red wine. 

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