We would like to introduce you to our winegrowers and wine merchants with whom we work together and organize wonderful wine events. Get to know the wine experts personally at our wine tastings and let them answer all your questions about wine,


Winery Franzosi – Wine from Valtenesi

A family history of viticulture The Franzosi family has been involved in viticulture for generations, and although the exact origins of this tradition are not known, the first winery in…

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Winery Cavalchina – Wine from Garda Lake

The philosophy behind Cavalchina Cavalchina stands for the art of high-quality wine production, which requires attention to detail, intelligence and patience. The winery follows a clear philosophy in which nothing…

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Weingut OuSyra OuSyra Winery

OuSyra Winery – Wine from Syros

By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube OuSyra Winery: A Family Passion on the Island of Syros We at wine-love.de are…

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Domaine Saint Antoine

Domaine Saint Antoine – french wines

French wines from Domaine Saint Antoine The Domaine Saint Antoine is located in one of the oldest wine-growing regions in France, the Haut-Minervois.There, a couple originally from Berlin produce wines…

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Idaia Winery

Idaia Winery – Wine from Crete

Idaia Winery: A tribute to ancient Crete Idaia Winery is more than just a winery. It is a homage to ancient Crete, named after Idaia, mother of the ten Kouretes…

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L.A. Cetto

Weingut L.A. Cetto – Wine from Mexico

L.A. Cetto Winery: A Pioneer in Mexican Viticulture Mexico’s winemaking tradition, older than in any other country on the American continent, is the cornerstone of L.A. Cetto Winery. Founded in…

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Casas del Bosque – Wine from Chile

Casas del Bosque Winery Founded in 1993 by the Italian-origin Cuneo family, the winery is situated in the picturesque Casablanca Valley, close to Santiago and the UNESCO World Heritage site…

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Weingut Ventisquero

Winery Ventisquero – Wine from Chile

Ventisquero Winery: A Chilean Wine Tradition in Harmony with Nature Founded by Gonzalo Vial Vial in 1996, Ventisquero Winery is a shining example of Chilean viticulture. The first vines were…

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Weingut Septima

Septima Winery – Wine from Argentinia

Septima Winery: Where Tradition Meets Innovation Septima is more than just a winery. It is a place where the rich tradition of winemaking meets modern innovations to create exceptional wines…

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Dalamára Winery

Dalamára Winery – Wine from Naoussa

Dalamára Winery: A Beacon of Greek Viticulture Welcome to the world of Dalamára Winery, a remarkable winery nestled in the picturesque town of Naoussa. Dalamára is located on the road…

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Klados winery

Klados Winery – Wine from Crete

Klados Winery: A family tradition of winemaking Klados Winery is a family run business founded in 1997 by Emmanuel Klados. A chemist-oenologist since 1979, Emmanuel Klados brings his extensive experience…

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