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Taste your way through the wines in our Rhinehessenwine Shop! Rhinehessen wines come from the largest German wine-growing region, which is in Rhineland-Palatinate between Bingen, Mainz, Alzey and Worms. The growing area is one of the most traditional wine regions in Germany. The vineyards in Rhinehessen have been cultivated for more than 2000 years. Nowadays, young winemakers with great wine knowledge and modern techniques produce wines of very high quality here.  

Rhinehessen has always had an ideal geographical location for growing grapes because it rains comparatively little, and this has an ideal effect on viticulture. The warm summers and mild winters along with the dryness make for a viticultural climate that is almost unique in Central Europe.  

The soils in the region are also special and vary greatly in texture. In Rhinehessen there are soils from lime, clay, sand, slate, quartz up to volcanic rock. The great diversity of soils also gives the wines from Rhinehessen a unique style and variety, so there is an appealing wine for everyone.  


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At you can buy a wide selection of Rhinehessen wine online and taste your way through the diverse wines at wine tastings with wine from the region. We work with the best wineries from Rhinehessen and select only the best wines for you in our Rhinehessenwine Shop. Order delicious wine today and have your wines conveniently delivered to your door.  


Wineries from Rheinhessen 

Winery Steitz from Donnersberg 

The family business Weingut Steitz cultivates its vines on different soils in eight individual vineyards in growing regions in Rhinehessen and on the Nahe. The winery attaches great importance to combining the special characteristics of the growing areas in their wines. With a lot of patience, dedication as well as the attachment to the homeland, extraordinary wines of special quality are created at the Steitz Winery. The subsoil of the vineyards and the wine climate, through the caring hand of the winemaker, make the wine distinctive and worth tasting. The winery works symbiotically to refine the practices in the vineyard with dedication and attention to detail. 

An important aspect for Weingut Steitz is also the sustainable cultivation of wine. Every step of the viticulture and production process is done with the long term in mind and with future generations in mind. The result is an excellent wine experience – try the Steitz wines from our Rhinehessenwine Shop for yourself! 


 Winery Mayor Adam Schmitt 

The winery Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt from Mommenheim is characterized above all by many cultivation areas in different locations, communities and growing areas. Among other things, the owner Eckhard Höbel cultivates the steepest vineyard in the region! The wines of the winery are produced organically and comply with all guidelines of the winegrower’s association Ecovin. All wines from Mayor Adam Schmitt in our Rhinehessenwine Shop are also completely vegan since 2014! 



Hungermüller Winery 

Quality is the highest goal for the winemakers from Dittelsheim-Haßloch. Since only small quantities are bottled, wines can be processed and handled particularly gently and carefully. The wines are gently pressed, pumped and have plenty of time to sediment and mature. Until bottling, the wine is not filtered and is vegan. In the vineyard, manual labor is the order of the day. Already in the planting of the small vines, large machines are not used, the planting is done by hand. All foliage work on the vine, is done by hand: cutting vines, lifting and tying, tacking and defoliation. The grape harvest is also done by hand wherever possible. 

Because the winery harvests only healthy grapes, processes very small quantities, and gives the wines as much time as they need, the result is handcrafted one-offs that impress. Try the distinctive wines from Hungermüller in our Rhinehessenwine Shop. 


Frequently asked questions about Rhinehessen wines  

Which grape variety is grown most in Rhinehessen?

With almost 80% of the total area under cultivation, the white Rhinehessen wine Riesling is the most widely cultivated in the region. The red Rhinehessen wine Dornfelder is the most frequently cultivated red grape with a total cultivation area share of 13%.  


What are popular Rhinehessen wines? 

Riesling from Rhinehessen is especially popular with wine connoisseurs, as the highest quality white wine vines thrive ideally in the Rhinehessen climate. Silvaner and Burgundy are also popular white varieties. Rhinehessen Dornfelder is one of the most successful and widely grown red wine varieties from the region, but Pinot Noir from Rhinehessen is also a wonderful taste sensation.  


How large is the cultivated vineyard area in Rhinehessen? 

The vineyard area of the wine-growing region of Rhinehessen around the Rhine covers approximately 27,000 hectares! 


What influence does climate change have on the wines of Rhinehessen? 

Due to climate change, the outside temperature in Rhinehessen is rising and the summer is getting longer, while the winter is getting shorter and milder. As a result, the vines sprout increasingly earlier in the spring, but are therefore also exposed to a higher risk of late frost. The rising temperatures in summer mean stress for the vines, which can change the wine quality and thus also the character of the wine.  

Winegrowers in Rhinehessen try to counteract such negative effects by growing heat-loving grape varieties or by using modern irrigation systems to achieve a consistent climate for the vines.