Pinot Gris – Winery Hungermüller – Rheinhessen, Germany


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Pinot Gris – Winery Hungermüller – Rheinhessen, Germany

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Pinot Gris from the Hungermüller winery – dry, fruity, spicy!

The Pinot Gris from the renowned Hungermüller winery in Rheinhessen! This exclusive estate wine offers an incomparable taste experience, characterised by careful craftsmanship and sustainable winemaking, and is made from the Pinot Gris grape variety, impressing with a dry, fruity and spicy note, accompanied by a subtle pink shimmer in the glass. This wine offers a harmonious interplay between sweetness and acidity, perfectly balanced for discerning connoisseurs.


Food pairing

Experience the diversity of this wine with dishes such as beef, pork, smoked meats, blue cheese, mushrooms and nuts. It is ideal for sociable occasions such as barbecues, men’s and girls’ evenings and relaxed evenings out.


Hungermüller Winery

The Hungermüller winery favours careful, sustainable cultivation of the vineyards without the use of herbicides. All wines are vegan until bottling and are not filtered. There is also a lot of love and patience that goes into the wines. The winery gives the wines plenty of time to ferment, clarify and mature.


Wines from Rheinhessen

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