What would you like your wine tasting to be like?

  • A happy summer party with the family?
  • A relaxed and slowing down escape from everyday life with friends?
  • A casual team event where you can socialize?

All this is possible and can take place either as an online wine tasting or classically as a wine tasting at home in your living room, in your office or at a winery. Wines from regions of your choice are offered. This could be for example the following:

Our goal is to tailor a Wine Tasting to your desires!

A wine event and 11 million sensory impressions

11 million – that’s how many sensory impressions our brain perceives in about one second. For example, the sound of the cork when it leaves the bottle with a gentle pop, or when the purple wine then flows quietly into the glass. Nuts, cassis, acacia, pepper, chocolate, mango, honey, coffee, licorice, leather or fine smoky notes – a wine can smell and taste like all of these. Our sense of touch is also involved – only a well-tempered wine can develop the aromas just mentioned.

How nice is it that you can get to know all this together at a wine tasting?

Is a wine tasting the right thing for you?

Still wondering if a wine tasting is the right choice? The short answer is yes. Because just as diverse as the types of wine, occasions and participants of your private Wine Tastings are our offerings.

  • You love wine, but you do not know much about wine varieties, flavors, production, growing regions or winemakers?
  • You are not sure how to choose a good wine for the right occasion or which wine goes with which food?
  • You know your way around and want to get to know new wines and broaden your horizons?

It does not matter if you are an experienced or a newbie wine drinker, if you prefer redwhite or rosé wine or if you want to get to know a certain wine region. Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can you already taste the wine?

In an initial conversation, we will talk to you about our winemakers, our wines, and a possible sequence for your private wine event, whether as a corporate event or leisure activity. Would you like to learn more? Then please get in touch with us without any obligation. We’re excited to hear about your ideas and look forward to hearing from you! Simply email us now at wein@wine-love.de or arrange a free initial consultation by clicking the button!


At our virtual wine tastings, we have already welcomed many enthusiastic participants and are delighted that each and every one of them is eager to join us again for new wine events. We’d love for you to share your experiences with wine-love as well! Just drop us an email!