Welcome to our wine universe! Dive deep into the diversity of wine varieties, journey with us to the origins of your favorite wines, and gather valuable knowledge about wine. Additionally, get to know the passion behind “wine-love” and always stay updated on the latest developments within our company. Cheers!

Winewalks for Autumn

What are winewalks? Wine hikes organized by winegrowers and various associations usually take place from summer to autumn. These are events that are held in various wine-growing regions throughout Germany. A wine hike leads the participating wine lovers through the respective wine-growing region via various stations, with wine being tasted at each of the intermediate…

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The Art of Beer-Tasting

You can now also book virtual beer tastings! Beer tastings are particularly popular in Belgium: Belgian beer has been very popular for decades. The breweries always do their best to give the beer as much smell and taste as possible. Especially the small craft brewers try to distinguish themselves with special beers that contain great…

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Der Dorfladen was founded in 2012 by the Greek-German duo, consisting of Jordanis Pavlidis and Silke Kauer. The declared aim was to establish high quality Greek food here in Germany. It all stared with olive oil that was harvested in-house at the time. Since it was founded, the product range has been constantly expanded due…

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Virtual wine tastings: bring an international flair to you own home  

“leckerweinsche” is now “wine-love” A concept of success – the wine blog “leckerweinsche” by Beate Müller is offering virtual wine tastings with a variety of wines from local and international brands and can from now on be found at “wine-love.de”. Experience cultural diversity at home  Discover and enjoy new wines in the comfort of your…

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