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Deutsche Weine, Buergermeister Adam Schmitt

Winery Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt – Wines from Rheinhessen

Wines from the Winery Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt from Mommenheim in Rheinhessen The peculiarity of the winery Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt is that the company is based in Mommenheim, but the associated vineyards are spread over different communities and even different wine regions.  This is due to the joy of experimentation by the owner Eckhard Höbel. Among…

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The Art of Beer-Tasting

You can now also book virtual beer tastings! Beer tastings are particularly popular in Belgium: Belgian beer has been very popular for decades. The breweries always do their best to give the beer as much smell and taste as possible. Especially the small craft brewers try to distinguish themselves with special beers that contain great…

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