Removing red wine stains – but how?

The later the evening, the more careless the guests, and then it happens – a full glass of red wine pours onto the carpet or clothing. For many a terrible imagination, but do not panic. Almost all red wine stains can be removed, not effortlessly but with success.

Take action immediately

When the good red wine lands on textiles, whether furniture, clothing or other fabrics, it means acting quickly. You can buy many so-called stain devils, but they are usually extremely expensive. Instead, you can use the tried-and-true home remedies from grandma’s house. These are usually cheaper and just as effective.


Salt is one of the most famous household remedy tips

A pile of salt is supposed to make the red wine stain disappear – at least that’s the theory – but most of the time it’s not that effective. The pile of salt is supposed to soak up the liquid and at the same time the lye is supposed to dissolve the stain. But in vain, the stain usually stays where it is.

What really helps

  • It is important not to let the red wine stain dry up.
  • First of all, dab the stain with a white, clean cotton cloth and try to soak up as much liquid as possible. Please do not use colored cloths, as they can stain themselves and turn a red stain into a blue one.
  • The correct dabbing technique is important, always treat the stain from the outside in, otherwise the stain will become larger.
  • Always pour carbonated mineral water generously onto the stain and use it to dab the stain away (NEVER rub!), the fizz helps to dissolve the dyes from the fibers. That’s why you can use a mineral water with a lot of carbonic acid.
  • You can also dab the stain with glass cleaner as described above.

In case of a red wine stain, never use colored napkins or chemical substances with unknown content and reaction. Also heat is completely out of place, because heat seals the color of the red wine in the fibers!

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