Rosé Secco – Hungermüller


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Rosé Secco – Hungermüller

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Rosé Secco: Embodiment of Quality and Passion

The Rosé Secco, a product of the renowned Hungermüller winery, is a sparkling, fruity, and refreshing sparkling wine that brings out the typical aromas of Pinot Noir.

This wine is exemplary of the first-class quality that characterizes the wines of Rheinhessen and is a vibrant expression of the dedication and passion that winemakers Heike and Ralf put into their work.

The Rosé Secco delivers a unique taste experience that equally delights connoisseurs and casual drinkers. Enjoy it at a serving temperature of 8º.


Hungermüller Winery

The Hungermüller winery, located in Dittelsheim-Heßloch in Rheinhessen, is run by winemakers Heike and Ralf, who pour their passion for wine into every bottle.

They place great value on careful and sustainable management of their vineyards and refrain from using herbicides. All work, from planting the vines to harvesting the grapes, is done by hand.

The wines of the Hungermüller winery are handmade unique pieces that convince with their quality and unique taste.

They reflect the diversity of the soils of Rheinhessen and the passion of the winemakers. The wines are not filtered until bottling and are all vegan. Heike and Ralf are proud to present the beauty of their homeland with their wines.


Matching Dishes

Enjoy the Rosé Secco from Hungermüller as an aperitif or accompaniment to light dishes and experience the unique taste of Rheinhessen in every bottle.

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