Pinot Blanc – Steitz vom Donnersberg


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Pinot Blanc – Steitz vom Donnersberg – Rheinhessen, Germany

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Pinot Blanc: Fruit meets Minerality

From the quartzite soils of Bad Kreuznach along the Nahe comes this impressive Pinot Blanc. It presents itself in the glass in a radiant golden yellow, and one immediately feels the interplay of its origin and grape variety.

The nose is caressed by intense aromas such as pear, exotic passion fruit, and refreshing citrus. Its origin is reflected in the cool, pronounced minerality that gives it depth and structure.

On the palate, it displays a juicy richness and a lasting finish, ranging from fruitiness to complex minerality. Every sip tells the story of its origin and the care with which it was produced.


Steitz Winery in Rheinhessen

Steitz Winery is always committed to combining the unique characteristics of the growing regions in their wines. With patience, devotion, precision, and a deep connection to their homeland, exceptional wines of special quality are produced at Steitz Winery.

The substrate of the vineyards and the wine climate along the Nahe and in the west of Hesse make the wine distinctive through the nurturing hand of the winemaker and worth tasting.

A key aspect for the Steitz family is also sustainable viticulture. Every step of the wine growing and production process is considered in the long term and with an eye to future generations. The result is an outstanding wine experience.


Suitable Dishes

This Pinot Blanc pairs especially well with white meat, fish, and asparagus. At a drinking temperature of 10-12°C, it showcases its best profile, enriching any culinary experience.


Wine from Rheinhessen

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