Spätburgunder Rosé Späti – Winery B. A. Schmitt


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Spätburgunder Rosé Späti – Winery B. A. Schmitt

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Spätburgunder Rosé Späti: Summery Delight

Enjoy the Spätburgunder Rosé Späti by Mayor Adam Schmitt, a dry organic rosé wine that offers an intense taste experience. With its fruity, strawberry notes and a pleasant acidity, coupled with lovely minerality, this wine is perfect for summer.

Spätburgunder, known internationally as Pinot Noir, is a prestigious red wine variety with complex aromas and a deep red color. Originally from Burgundy, France, it is now cultivated worldwide, with a particular popularity in the Baden region of Germany.

Its susceptibility to diseases and specific cultivation conditions make it a challenging but rewarding variety for winemakers.


Winery Mayor Adam Schmitt

The winery Mayor Adam Schmitt in Mommenheim, Rheinhessen, is known for its variety of vineyards in different growing areas.

Owner Eckhard Höbel likes to experiment and manages among other things the steepest vineyard in the Rauenthaler Rothenberg in the Rheingau.

Further locations are in Eppelsheim and at the Nackenheimer Rothenberg. Höbel follows the ecological guidelines of the winegrowers’ association Ecovin and has also been producing vegan wines since 2014. To further wines!


Suitable dishes

The Rosé wine pairs especially well with summer salads, seafood dishes, light chicken or pork, and pasta with light sauces.

Tapas, soft cheeses, and fruity desserts round out the spectrum of suitable dishes. The selection of these meals complements the wine’s characteristic flavors and provides a tastefully balanced combination for many occasions.


Wines from Rheinhessen

We carry more wines from Rheinhessen from various wineries.

Are you interested in the wine and want to try it first? We would be happy to put together a Rheinhessen package for you, please send us a message at: wine@wine-love.de.

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