Serifiotiko Amphora – OuSyra Winery


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Serifiotiko Amphora – OuSyra Winery

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Serifiotiko Amphora

The Serifiotiko Amphora, crafted from over 40-year-old, ungrafted bush vines, hails from terraced vineyards on Syros. These vines are specially adapted to withstand the strong winds and intense UV radiation.

After harvesting, the grapes are cooled for 24 hours and then fermented in amphorae for 21 days without skin contact. The wine matures for an additional 8 months in these clay amphorae, followed by bottling for 6 more months of refinement.

The Serifiotiko Amphora showcases a pale mother-of-pearl color and emits aromas of lemon peel, lime, grapefruit, apricot, and ripe pear. It is characterized by its salty, concentrated, and structured nature, leading to a lingering finish. This makes it an exceptional example of traditional viticulture combined with modern winemaking.

OuSyra Winery

The OuSyra Winery, founded four decades ago by Edward Maitland-Makgill-Crichton and Eileen Velissaropoulos on the Greek island of Syros, symbolizes the fusion of tradition and innovation.

The couple, after Edward’s studies in Oxford and an inspiring world tour, returned to Syros and established OuSyra with the goal of creating a winery that emphasizes the principles of sustainability and biodynamic agriculture.

By combining Edward’s global perspectives and Eileen’s deep understanding of local culture, the winery produces high-quality wines that reflect the essence and history of Syros.

Suitable Dishes

The Serifiotiko Amphora pairs excellently with light seafood and grilled fish, its salty and fruity notes enhancing the freshness of the sea. It also complements dishes with citrus or herbal flavors, such as lemon chicken or a Mediterranean herb salad. Its structure and lasting finish make it a superb companion for creamy pasta or risotto.

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