His Queen Sauvignon Blanc – Winery Klados


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His Queen Sauvignon Blanc – Winery Klados

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“His Queen”: A Bouquet Crafted from the Masterful Hand of Aromatic White Wine Varieties

Discover “His Queen,” a noble creation from the most renowned aromatic white wine variety, Sauvignon Blanc, from our earth, producing a wine of brightly shimmering yellow-gold color. Immerse yourself in a bouquet where the complex aromaticity of exotic fruits like passionfruit and mango skillfully mingles with notes of grapefruit, lemon, and melon.

Herbal nuances orchestrate the olfactory experience, crafting a symphony for the senses. “His Queen” enchants your palate with a piercingly fruity and herbal taste, kissed by a lively acidity, culminating in a long, persistent aftertaste. A wine that indeed represents a crown in the world of wines, royally pampering your senses.


Klados Winery

Founded in 1997 by chemist-oenologist Emmanuel Klados, Klados Winery brings comprehensive know-how and passion for winemaking into every glass of their wine, developing from modest beginnings in Rethymnon with a focus on the rare Vidiano grape and achieving steady production growth.

After relocating to a modern facility in Skepasti – Rethymno in 2007 and enhancing their sustainability through photovoltaic panels and organic-standard cultivation of Vidiano, the winery smoothly passed its legacy to the next generation in 2014, with Stelios Klados, an expert in chemistry and oenology, at the helm.

Open to visitors since 2015, Klados Winery, with its impressive wine range and deep roots in the local winemaking culture, constitutes an essential visit for all who wish to discover the unique wines of Crete.


Pairing Dishes

Enjoy “His Queen” as an elegant companion to fine fish dishes, summer salads, or fresh goat cheese variations, where it wonderfully highlights and enriches the lightness and aromaticity of the dishes.

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