Rosé de Malbec – Septima, Argentina


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Rosé de Malbec – Septima, Mendoza, Argentina.

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Septima Rosé de Malbec: An Argentinian Rosé Wine Jewel Bursting with Fruit and Finesse

Septima Rosé de Malbec is a testament to the passion and skill of Argentine winemakers who, with great care and respect for nature, craft an exquisite rosé wine. This 2021 vintage is a shining example of the quality and diversity that the Agrélo region in Luján de Cuyo has to offer.

The wine’s grape variety is 100% Malbec, a type typical for Argentina, which gives this rosé its unique personality and expressive character. The vineyards of Agrélo, Lujan de Cuyo in Mendoza, are known for their ideal conditions for viticulture. Dry, warm days and cool nights ensure lush and healthy vegetation, perfect for pleasant wines with balanced acidity and aromas​.

At first glance, the Septima Rosé de Malbec enchants with its delicate salmon pink hue. But this wine is more than just a feast for the eyes. It seduces with a bouquet of red fruits such as strawberry and cherry, complemented by notes of cherries and figs. On the palate, it reveals itself as fruity with a fine, long finish. The acidity and alcohol content are perfectly balanced, giving the wine a pleasant dryness​.

Rosé Food Pairing

This expressive Argentinian rosé wine with a 13% alcohol content is wonderfully versatile and is the ideal accompaniment to a variety of dishes. Thanks to its fruity character and well-balanced acidity, it goes excellently with appetizers and salads. Its fresh, juicy nature makes it the perfect partner for fish dishes and seafood. But it is also an excellent choice with white meat, pasta, and hard and semi-hard cheeses.

When serving the Septima Rosé de Malbec, a temperature of 13 – 15 °C is recommended. At this temperature, its flavors unfold optimally and provide a unique taste experience.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a cozy evening with friends – the Septima Rosé de Malbec is always a good choice. It brings the sun and the unique atmosphere of Argentina into your glass and ensures unforgettable moments.

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