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White wine package with sparkling wine from Rheinhessen and Rheingau.


Discover six different white wines from Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt Winery in Rheinhessen and Rheingau with this white wine package.

Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt Winery

Located in Mommenheim, Rheinhessen, Bürgermeister Adam Schmitt Winery is known for its diverse vineyards across various regions. Owner Eckhard Höbel, known for his experimental approach, manages vineyards including the steep Rauenthaler Rothenberg in the Rheingau. Other vineyards are located in Eppelsheim and at Nackenheimer Rothenberg. Following Ecovin’s ecological principles, Höbel has been producing vegan wines since 2014, highlighting his commitment to sustainable viticulture.

Wines in the White Wine Package

Scheurebe Kalsarikännit

Experience a highlight of German wine culture with Eckhard Möbel’s Scheurebe Kalsarikännit, a dry wine from Rheinhessen. This Scheurebe blends lively acidity with intense flavors of black currant and grapefruit, reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc but offering its own distinct taste profile.

Bad Girls Finest

Ideal for those who prefer sweeter wines, Bad Girls Finest is a late harvest Cuvée from Huxelrebe and Riesling. This combination features the sweet fruitiness of Huxelrebe and the crisp acidity of Riesling. Produced vegan and according to Ecovin’s ecological guidelines, this wine stands out for its sustainable and ethical approach.

Lausbua Grüner Veltliner Gutswein

Perfect for summer evenings, Lausbua Gutswein is a fresh, fruity-mineral white wine with hints of white pepper. Originating from Austria, Grüner Veltliner is known for its spicy note and fresh acidity. Eckhard Höbel successfully introduced this variety to Germany, combining the Veltliner’s spiciness with the mineral quality of Rheinhessen’s terroir, exemplifying the successful fusion of innovation and tradition in winemaking.

Utschebebbes fumé

This Cabernet Blanc from the barrel impresses with its spicy and fruity nuances. It offers a flavor profile that combines green pepper and black pepper with a touch of caramel and exotic fruits.

Blanc de Blancs

Bürgermeister Schmitt Winery’s Blanc de Blancs is an exquisite creation of Chardonnay and Weißburgunder. The globally appreciated Chardonnay, known for its elegance and varied flavors from citrus to butter and vanilla, is complemented by the fresh, delicate Weißburgunder with notes of green apples and nuts. This Cuvée reflects the skill and tradition of the winery, offering a taste experience where the complexity and terroir of both varieties harmoniously blend.

Rheingau Riesling Ungezähmt

The elegant Riesling from the Rheingau, with flavors of apple and peach and floral notes, is a versatile dry white wine. Known for its vibrant acidity and aromatic complexity, Riesling adapts to various styles, from dry to sweet. In cooler climates, it achieves an ideal balance of fruit, acidity, and minerality. Its elegance, aging potential, and versatility in pairing make it popular worldwide.

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