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In Greek tradition, wine is the drink of the gods and Greece is the longest-established wine-growing country in all of Europe. Greeks have been making wine by pressing grapes for a long time. You can buy Greek wines online, right here in our wine shop. 


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Greek wine is very diverse, because the country is geographically characterized by many large and small islands on the Mediterranean Sea; but also has a high proportion of mountains. This incomparable variety of soils and altitudes has a strong influence on Greek wine. The soils made of lime, volcanic rock, and granite, coupled with the Mediterranean climate and many hours of sunshine in Greece, are a very good basis for growing wine. Our Greek wine shop is as diverse as the wines. You can easily and conveniently find and buy Greek wines online and have them delivered to your home. 

Our wine selection will help you to discover the variety of Greek wines. In our online shop you can buy a variety of Greek wines online. We offer white, red and rosé wines from Greece. The wines come from the retailers Wine&Nature and Der Dorfladen. 


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Greece produces excellent summer wines. A lot of fish and vegetables are eaten in the country, which is why the focus in viticulture is on wines that go well with these dishes: especially white wines or rosé, the classic and popular wines for the summer. The Greek wines are also ideal as terrace wines. 


Frequently asked questions about Greek wines

Are there good Greek wines?

When it comes to Greek wine, many people think of the resinous retsina and the typical, mostly medium-quality house wines of the restaurants. But Greece also has a lot of good wine to offer. The long tradition paired with new techniques produces wonderful wines with excellent quality and taste awards. 


What is the best Greek wine?

We believe that many wines from Greece taste very good. You can buy Greek wines online from us, which we have carefully selected, tested and found to be good. 


How big is the wine-growing area in Greece?

Greece has around 110,000 hectares of vineyards. About half of this is cultivated for wine production, the remaining grapes are consumed as table grapes or raisins. 


Which grape varieties are grown in Greece? 

Due to the diversity of nature, there are many different grape varieties in Greece. Greek wine is vinified from different vines from different soils and thus achieves a very special variety. The indigenous varieties dominate viticulture in Greece. 

  • Assyrtiko: the dominant white grape variety on the island of Santorini, high acidity even when fully ripe 
  • Malagousia: almost extinct traditional white grape variety 
  • Xinomavro: known as the noblest of the Greek grape varieties 
  • Mavrotragano: grows on the volcanic soils of Santorini, powerful and almost fiery aroma 
  • Savatiano: well-known resinated Greek wine Retsina 
  • Vidiano: the grape variety comes from Crete and is used to make dry white wines 

In addition to many indigenous varieties, international varieties such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon are also grown in Greece. 


What is the tradition of viticulture in Greece?

In Greece, wine has been grown as a drink of the gods since ancient times. In ancient Greece, wine was considered a divine drink, which the earth owes to the god Dionysus. By enjoying wine, people are able to get closer to the gods. At that time, the wines often contained many additives such as honey, mint, cinnamon or olive oil. Greek wine was produced in ancient times using a wide variety of cultivation and harvesting techniques, which resulted in a large variety of wines early on. In the Middle Ages, viticulture lost its popularity due to wars, but has since flourished again. Today, traditional cultivation methods mix with modern knowledge of viticulture.