Arvanitidis Merlot – Thessaloniki, Greece


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Arvanitidis Merlot – Thessaloniki, Greece

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Greek Merlot: A Triumph of Velvety Aromas and Bordeaux Tradition

Experience the seductive charm of our Greek Merlot, brilliantly expressing the lively essence of the iconic Merlot grape – a radiant heroine in the world of classic Bordeaux wines. This varietally pure Merlot exquisitely unfolds the characteristic features of the grape and its generous, fruit-forward nature on the fertile soils of Greece.

It presents itself in a vibrant, pulsating red and seduces the senses with dense, velvety aromas of sour cherries and ripe berries, composing a symphonic melody in the glass. Discover how this exquisite product of Mediterranean winemaking honors the rich tradition of Bordeaux while simultaneously presenting a new, exciting level of flavor.


Arvanitidis Winery

The Arvanitidis Estate, founded in 1999 by brothers Thanassis and George in Askos near Thessaloniki, combines traditional and innovative approaches to producing high-quality Greek wines. With a focus on both indigenous and cosmopolitan grape varieties, the winery offers a selection of red, white, and rosé wines, all notable for their depth of character and consistency in quality. Produced in a lush, nature-close environment and surrounded by local culinary and cultural events, the Estate stands as a symbol of harmonious nature and winemaking art.


Pairing Foods

The velvety, cherry-aromatic Greek Merlot unfolds its full bouquet in harmonious alignment with lamb dishes, Mediterranean pasta creations, or dark chocolate, thus creating a symphonic taste experience.


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