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The Rheingau wine region is considered one of the most famous wine regions in Germany, especially famous for its white wines. Stretching along the Rhine from Rüdesheim to Wiesbaden, the Rheingau region boasts around 30,000 hectares of grape-growing space. Due to the unique climate conditions, the wines from the area have earned a global reputation for their incredible quality, elegance, and complexity. In our store, you can find all the information you need on the types of Rheingau wines, and of course choose from a large selection of wines for purchase, and even directly buy from the Rheingau wine producers.

Climatic and soil conditions

The Rheingau contains a unique terroir that considerably impacts the taste of its wines. Together with a mild climate, the region’s location on the Rhine and the slate, limestone, and loess soil, enables ideal riping conditions for the grapes. Wine producers in the Rheingau make use of these natural conditions to give their wines their unique and incomparable character. The region is thus especially known for its Riesling varieties, but Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes also thrive excellently in the area.


Red wine from the Rheingau region

The red wines from the Rheingau region are famous for their deep and rich flavors. Once again, the gentle slopes and special climatic conditions contribute to these unique flavors and give them their distinctive character. Most red wines from the Rheingau are made from Pinot Noir grapes, offering a delicate balance of fruitiness, gentle acidity, and tannins. Usually, Rheingau red wine are recommended as an accompaniment to meat dishes or spicy cheeses.


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White wine from the Rheingau region

White wines from the Rheingau region are also loved and appreciated by wine connoisseurs globally for their sophisticated elegance, freshness, and complexity. The region is particularly famous for its Riesling grapes, which are valued worldwide for their fine acidity and unique taste. Due to the often cool nights and mainly sunny and warm climate, the perfect conditions for slow ripening of the grapes are provided. Additionally, the special soil conditions give the grapes a wonderful minerality and an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness. Aromas of peach, citrus, and apple, make Riesling an especially great pairing with light dishes such as fish, seafood, and salads. White wines from the Rheingau are also great as an aperitif: they are known to refresh the palate and stimulate one’s appetite. If you want to buy white Rheingau wine, you can find a wide selection of different varieties on our site.


Rheingau Riesling varieties

Like mentioned above, the Rheingau area is famous for its Riesling varieties, which may sometimes be considered the best wines of their kind. Rieslings from the Rheingau are characterized by their fine acidity and clear fruit, as well as a particularly balanced minerality. They tend to be very elegant and extremely complex. Many Rheingau winemakers focus especially on dry Riesling varieties, but noble sweet Auslese (German for selection) or Beerenauslese wines (a vintage wine made from selected berries) are also world famous and can be among the most expensive and sought-after wines across the world. At one of our wine tastings, you get the opportunity to taste the different Riesling varieties that the Rheingau has to offer – and of course, buy excellent Rheingau wines directly from the producers.


Get to know Rheingau wines at a wine tasting

If you are still not sure which Rheingau wine to buy, attending a wine tasting is a great way to get to know the various flavors of the area and refine your palate. During your tasting, you will learn about all the different grapes and winemakers of the Rheingau region and familiarize yourself with the characteristic flavors of each grape and wine type. Of course, you can also purchase your favorite Rheingau wines at our wine tasting and enjoy the delicious experience at home over and over again.