ELLA quality wine – Winemaker of Erbach


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ELLA quality wine – Winemaker of Erbach

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ELLA the Radiant

Ella, affectionately named “the Radiant” after the cellar master’s daughter, is a charismatic Cuvée that combines the elegance of Riesling with the exotic touch of Goldmuskateller. It unfolds a refreshing aroma of yellow fruits from the Riesling grape, enriched by the delicate musky notes of Goldmuskateller, adding special depth. This harmonious blend endows this wine with unparalleled finesse, making it an exceptional wine for special moments.

Winemaker of Erbach

The Winzergenossenschaft Erbach in the Rheingau, known for its award-winning wines, particularly the fruity-spicy Rieslings, has been acclaimed by Hugh Johnson as the best wine cooperative in the Rheingau.

Founded in 1953, the cooperative combines tradition and modernity in its historic vineyards and the 1903 wine press hall.

The vineyards in Kiedrich and Rauenthal benefit from a unique climate and mainly include white grape varieties such as Riesling. The quality of the wines is based on meticulous vineyard work and state-of-the-art cellar technology, with the red wines maturing in high-quality oak barrels.

Suitable Pairings

This Cuvée is perfect as an accompaniment to light summer dishes, fresh salads, and fish, where its refreshing fruitiness beautifully complements the flavors of the dishes.

Wines from the Rheingau

Interested in this Cuvée and want to try it? We’d be happy to put together a Rheingau or white wine package for you. Feel free to send us a message at: wein@wine-love.de.

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