Scheurebe Kalsarikännit – Winery B. A. Schmitt


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Scheurebe Kalsarikännit – Winery B. A. Schmitt

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Scheurebe Kalsarikännit: A Masterpiece by Adam Schmitt

Discover the Scheurebe Kalsarikännit from Eckhard Möbel, an exquisite example of German winemaking. This dry wine, distinguished by its origin in Rheinhessen, offers a unique taste experience.

The dry Scheurebe Kalsarikännit presents itself with a lively acidity and characteristic, intense aromas of black currants, grapefruit, and occasionally exotic fruits like passion fruit.

Sometimes compared to Sauvignon Blanc due to its fruity and herbal notes, Scheurebe, however, offers its own, unmistakable flavor world, uniting both freshness and an exciting aromatic complexity.

“Kalsarikännit” is a compound Finnish word, composed of two parts: “kalsari-” refers to underwear (especially underpants) and “-kännit” is a colloquial expression for being drunk. Together, it might be translated roughly as “underwear drunkenness.”

It describes the phenomenon of drinking alcohol alone at home in underwear, with no intention of leaving the house. It’s a way to relax and spend time alone, often seen as a humorous and accepted form of dealing with the sometimes dark and cold Finnish winter.

Winery Mayor Adam Schmitt

The winery Mayor Adam Schmitt in Mommenheim, Rheinhessen, is known for its variety of vineyards in different growing areas.

Owner Eckhard Höbel likes to experiment and manages among other things the steepest vineyard in the Rauenthaler Rothenberg in the Rheingau.

Further locations are in Eppelsheim and at the Nackenheimer Rothenberg. Höbel follows the ecological guidelines of the winegrowers’ association Ecovin and has also been producing vegan wines since 2014. To further wines!

Matching Dishes

The dry Scheurebe pairs particularly well with light, summery cuisine, such as fresh salads, asparagus dishes, or goat cheese.

Its exotic notes also offer an exciting accompaniment to Asian dishes like sushi or Thai curries, while its crisp freshness also lends an exciting flavor dimension to mild cheeses and fruity desserts.

Wines from Rheinhessen

We carry more wines from Rheinhessen from various wineries.

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