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The wine region of Portugal has a long and illustrious history dating back to the time of the Romans, who brought grapevines to the country in the 4th century BC. Since then, Portugal has become a well-known and popular wine-growing region, offering a wide range of varieties – from red wine to white wine and fortified wine. Wine lovers can enjoy many unique and pleasurable experiences with Portuguese wine.

From Which Regions Can You Buy Wine of Portugal? And What Makes Them Special?

Portugal’s climate is ideal for grape cultivation, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. From the western island of Madeira to the eastern border with Spain, the country’s diverse soil conditions provide a range of flavors for those looking to purchase Portuguese wine. In addition, Portugal has many indigenous wine varieties that produce wines that are unique to the country. Portugal offers all those who want to buy wine from Portugal, a large variety of its native flavours: These include white wines, fortified wines, and red wines such as Touriga Nacional, Aragones (Tempranillo), or Alfrocheiro.


The Douro Valley region is probably the most well-known, as it is where world-famous port wine is produced. The grapes for port wine are grown on terraced slopes, using a unique breeding style where the vines grow without trellis. The unique taste of port wine is due to its long maturation on the vine – it is only harvested as raisins, which gives port its sweet, full-bodied flavor.


But port is not the only wine produced in Portugal. Red wine, white wine, Vinho Verde, and sparkling wines are also grown in regions such as Dão and Alentejo.


Portuguese Wine Regions in Detail

The Dão region is located in the heart of the country and is known for its medium to heavy red wines. Wines from the Dão region use grapes such as Touriga Nacional, Jaen, and Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo). Those who want to buy wines from Portugal and enjoy red wine aged in oak barrels and with complex flavor compositions and depth of flavor should consider purchasing Portuguese wine from the Dão region.


In the south of the country is the Alentejo region, which produces heavy red wines and fresh white wines. The grapes for these wines include Aragones (Tempranillo), Antão Vaz, and Viognier. If you want to buy wines from Portugal with exciting and complex aromas and plenty of depth of flavor, the Alentejo region is the place to go.


Finally, wine from Portugal’s northwest region, Vinho Verde, is also available. Vinho Verde is a light, refreshing wine made from grapes such as Alvarinho, Trajadura, and Loureiro. Those looking to buy wines from Portugal in our Portuguese wine shop and want to try a refreshing, lower alcohol wine will definitely find what they are looking for with Vinho Verde.



Portugal is a truly versatile wine-producing country, offering wines for every taste. From sweet port to refreshing Vinho Verde, there is something for everyone. If you want to buy wines from Portugal, our Shop with a large variety of Portuguese wines allows you to taste your way through the country’s regions and refine your sense of taste. Contact us for a wine tasting from Portugal and experience the country in all its delicious beauty.


Common Questions about Purchasing Portuguese Wine


What types of wine are popular in Portugal?

Portuguese people often drink their own wines, which is a testament to the country’s status as an excellent wine producer and one of the top wine regions in the world.


How many grape varieties are grown in Portugal?

There are around 250 indigenous, unique grape varieties in Portugal, making it a diverse and distinctive wine producer.


What types of wine are popular in the Lisbon area?

In the greater Lisbon region, there are about 10 sub-regions that produce varieties such as Muscat of Setúbal or the white wines of Bucelas. The region also has high quality vintages such as Colares and Carcavelos.


What are the most famous and best Portuguese wines?

The most famous wine from Portugal is probably port wine, which is known for its luxury and pleasure worldwide.