2019 Pinot Noir red wine quality wine


(13,20  / 1 Liter)

2019 Pinot Noir red wine quality wine – playful and aromatic

Minimum order: 3 bottles


Pinot Noir red wine quality wine

The dry wine from the Rheingau produces a wonderful cherry bouquet and convinces with a complex and spicy aroma. During production, the Burgundy was fermented for around 10 days on the skins of the pressed fruit, giving it a special aroma.

The wine cooperative Winzer von Erbach

Located in the middle of the Rheingau, 31 winegrowers deliver their grapes here: to the winegrowers’ cooperative in Erbach. The foundation for the special wines is already laid during the vineyard work with moderate cutting and selective harvesting. The latest cellar technology combined with traditional winemaking guarantee success.

The winegrowers’ association was dubbed “the best winegrowers’ cooperative in the Rheingau” by Hugh Johnson. If the wine pope already said that, who would want to contradict him? 31 member winegrowers from Erbach deliver their grapes in Erbach.

The soils of the Rheingau

The taste and character of a wine is significantly influenced by the types of soil found in the growing area. These vary in the Rheingau, but four main soil groups can be identified: volcanic soils, which produce full-bodied and full-bodied wines, slate soils with wines that are rather spicy and sparkling, and shell limestone soils with strong, and loess and clay soils with wines rich in bouquets. The Riesling tends to be grown at higher altitudes, as there is less haze and at the same time cool winds occur.

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