2020 Red Riesling Qualitywine


(11,33  / 1 Liter)

Fruity Quality white wine from the Rheingau

Minimum order quantity: 3 bottles


The Red Riesling  

The Red Riesling is a fruity variation of the white Riesling. The white wine hints at a floral note. Its fragrance is powerful and at the same time graceful. It surprises with an intense fruit bouquet of apricot and apple. 

The origin of the quality wine   

Red Riesling comes from the wine-growing region of Rheingau, part of the Rhine-Main area. Vineyards in the area include Eltville am Rhein, Felsberg, Geisenheim, Hochheim am Rhein, Lorchhausen, Oestrich – Winkel, or Wiesbaden. The Rheingau has a very mild climate, as it is shielded from rain by the Rheingau Mountains. The numerous forests prevent the penetration of nightly coolness into the vineyards and the south-facing vineyards are exposed to strong sunlight.  

Food recommendations for the Red Riesling  

Riesling is best enjoyed with Asian cuisine and seafood. 

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