Pink Blackbird Kotsifali – Winery Klados


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Pink Blackbird Kotsifali – Winery Klados

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Unfurl Wings of Sensuality with Pink Blackbird Kotsifali

“Pink Blackbird Kotsifali” embodies not just the pure essence of the Cretan grape variety Kotsifali but also transports you to a world where tradition and passion merge into a unique wine experience. As the only single-variety PGI rosé wine of its kind, it is an ode to ‘Kotisfos,’ the Greek name for the blackbird (‘Blackbird’), which passionately indulges in the sweet berries.

Its alluring, light-pink robe conceals complex and elegant aromas, woven into a sensual melody of red currants, sour plum, cherries, lime, and graceful white flowers with a hint of clove.

On the palate, “Pink Blackbird Kotsifali” surprises with its invigorating acidity, juicy fruit, and round texture, carried by a fruity-creamy taste, a revitalizing freshness, and a good length, subtly underlined by mineral limestone accents.


Klados Winery

Founded in 1997 by chemist-oenologist Emmanuel Klados, Klados Winery brings comprehensive know-how and passion for winemaking into every glass of their wine, developing from modest beginnings in Rethymnon with a focus on the rare Vidiano grape and achieving steady production growth.

After relocating to a modern facility in Skepasti – Rethymno in 2007 and enhancing their sustainability through photovoltaic panels and organic-standard cultivation of Vidiano, the winery smoothly passed its legacy to the next generation in 2014, with Stelios Klados, an expert in chemistry and oenology, at the helm.

Open to visitors since 2015, Klados Winery, with its impressive wine range and deep roots in the local winemaking culture, constitutes an essential visit for all who wish to discover the unique wines of Crete.


Matching Dishes

“Pink Blackbird Kotsifali” presents itself as the perfect partner to a variety of dishes: Explore it alongside Dakos, enjoy it with spicy pasta dishes featuring tomato sauce and optionally chicken or tuna, experience a culinary intermezzo with Saganaki and shrimp/prawns, or let it adeptly accompany a light Moussaka with a hint of béchamel sauce and cheese soufflé on tomato sauce.

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