Karamolegos – Winery Terra Nera


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Karamolegos – Winery Terra Nera

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Karamolegos – A Treasure from Santorini

The bewitching expanses of the Aegean, the passionate heritage of volcanic soil, and the traditional cultivation of 50-year-old vines: All of this is united in the Karamolegos white wine from Santorini. A wine that captures the essence of the iconic island in every bottle, unveils an ensemble of fruity yet mineral-driven aromas, making every sip a journey of discovery.

Lemons, melons, and pears dance harmoniously with the island’s characteristic mineral notes, refined by a trace of salinity, flint, and a delicate hint of herbs. Thus, Karamolegos exudes a complexity that enchants both sophisticated wine connoisseurs and lovers of Greek white wines alike. It is made from 100% Assyrtiko grapes.


Pairing Dishes

A symphony of aromas unfolds when Karamolegos meets culinary delicacies. As a perfect companion to fried fish, it nestles against its tender textures and delicately underscores the fresh, maritime notes. With shellfish, on the other hand, a dialogue between the wine’s salinity and the juicy, sweet flesh of the seafood emerges, culminating in a finely tuned taste experience.

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