Arvanitidis Malagousiá – Thessaloniki, Greece


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Arvanitidis Malagousiá – Thessaloniki, Greece

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Malagousiá: Encountering the Elegance of Ancient Greece in a Glass

Immerse yourself with us into the beguiling world of the Malagousiá grape, one of the oldest and nearly forgotten grape varieties of Greece, which celebrates its renaissance in the hands of dedicated winemakers of the northern Greek terroir.

A bouquet of enticing spring flowers and herbs greets the nose, while the palate is tickled by vibrant aromas of fresh fruit and zesty lime, accompanied by a pronounced acidity. Our Malagousiá white wine presents itself with an astonishing length, offering the perfect invitation to rediscover this exceptional and historical grape variety anew.


Arvanitidis Winery

The Arvanitidis Estate, founded in 1999 by brothers Thanassis and George in Askos near Thessaloniki, combines traditional and innovative approaches to producing high-quality Greek wines. With a focus on both indigenous and cosmopolitan grape varieties, the winery offers a selection of red, white, and rosé wines, all notable for their depth of character and consistency in quality. Produced in a lush, nature-close environment and surrounded by local culinary and cultural events, the Estate stands as a symbol of harmonious nature and winemaking art.


Pairing Foods

With its floral bouquet and fruity-fresh aromas, the Malagousiá pairs perfectly with light appetizers, salads, or grilled white fish, creating a symphonic union that revives ancient Greece in a contemporary culinary manner.


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