GI Kotsifali-Mandilari – Winery Idaia


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GI Kotsifali-Mandilari – Winery Idaia

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The Idaia GI Kotsifali-Mandilari

The GI Kotsifali-Mandilari presents itself dark red in the glass and rich and sweet on the nose. It evokes memories of overripe, slightly cooked berry fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, vanilla, and wood tones. It is composed of 65% Kotsifali grape and 35% Mandilari grape.

On the palate, it additionally reveals ripe plums, cherries, pomegranates, coffee, sandalwood, and a bit later leather, earthy notes, mint, black pepper, ink, cedar, and glycerin, leading to a smoky, spicy finish with a fruit explosion.


Idaia Winery

Idaia Winery is located in Venerato, a charming village in the heart of the Malevizi vineyards, south of the town of Dafnes. Venerato is situated on one of the lower hills of Mount Psiloritis.

The Malevizi region is famed for its sweet wines. During the Venetian rule, these wines were given the well-known name Malvazia, being shipped from Heraklion throughout the Mediterranean.

Malevizi boasts a wealth of ancient and Roman wine presses, indicating the strong presence of winemaking in the region from Minoan times to the present day.


Pairing Foods

The GI Kotsifali-Mandilari pairs excellently with red meat and roasted, robust, and spicy cheeses.

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