Buenos Aires Malbec – Fecovita, Argentinia


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Buenos Aires Malbec – Fecovita – Patagonia, Argentina

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Buenos Aires Malbec: A Taste of Argentina in a Bottle

The Buenos Aires Malbec is more than just a wine, it’s a sensory journey that takes you straight into the picturesque vineyards of Argentina. This Argentine red wine unfolds in a kaleidoscope of flavors that capture the essence of its homeland. With its intense purplish-red color, it draws all eyes to itself, promising a unique taste experience.

The personality of this wine is as unique as the country it originates from. It presents itself with fruity aromas of cherries and plums, creating a symphonic blend of sweetness and acidity in the nose. This expression of fruitiness is a typical trait of Malbec, a grape variety that has found its true home in Argentina​.

The first sip of this wine is a friendly introduction that caresses the palate with its good structure and round tannins. It offers a balanced taste experience that continues in a long, pleasant finish. Each sip is a reminder of the warm and sunny slopes of the Central Valley in Mendoza, Argentina, where the grapes for this wine are carefully hand-picked​.

In Argentine wine culture, the Buenos Aires Malbec is a true gem. It finds a harmonious balance between power and elegance, a combination that makes it attractive to both wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers. With its pleasant texture and intense aromas, this Malbec is the perfect companion for ASADO and barbecue parties, whether with grilled fish or simply to enjoy with friends.


Matching dishes

When it comes to pairing food and wine, the Buenos Aires Malbec shows its true versatility. As a particularly “food-friendly” wine, it perfectly complements a variety of dishes. It is the perfect addition to red meat, especially grilled or roasted meat. But that’s not all. It also harmonizes wonderfully with strong flavors and spices and even complements dishes that have a certain spiciness. This way, you can pamper your palate with a variety of flavors that are enhanced by this excellent wine. And don’t forget to serve this wine at an optimal serving temperature of 14 – 16° C to fully bring out its flavors​.

In conclusion, the Buenos Aires Malbec is a true expression of Argentina. It’s not just a wine, but a tribute to the country, its people, and its culture. Every sip is an experience, a journey through the landscapes of Argentina, and a feast for all the senses.


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