2021 IDAIA Ocean White Thrapathiri PGI


(17,32  / 1 Liter)

2021 IDAIA Ocean White Thrapathiri PGI from Greece

Minimum order quantity: 3 bottles


The IDAIA Ocean White Thrapathiri PGI

The Thrapsathiri grape has great potential and can produce exceptionally good results if treated properly in the vineyard. This is exactly what this Ocean White from Idaia delivers: we see a brilliant yellow-green color in the glass. In addition to lime, melon and lemongrass, we also notice pineapple, mango, honey and almond butter on the nose. The wine also tastes of mint, apple and brine. With opening and contact with air, the wine develops even more balanced and is immediately extremely easy to drink. Overall, the wine is very round and pleasantly crisp with a long, lively finish.

Winery IDAIA

The Idaia winery is located in Venerato, a charming village in the heart of the Malevizi vineyards, south of the town of Dafnes. Venerato is located on one of the lowest hills of Mount Psiloritis. The Malevizi region is famous for its sweet wines. During the Venetian rule, these wines received the well-known name Malvazia. They were shipped from Heraklion in the Mediterranean. Malevizi has an abundance of ancient and Roman wine presses, indicating the strong presence of wine production in the region from Minoan times to the present day.

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