Wine tips for autumn

Weintipps für den Herbst

Many will not like to hear that we are already talking about autumn.

Like every year, the summer was much too short and autumn comes too quickly and suddenly. But autumn also has its beautiful sides, in addition to the coloring leaves, there are some autumn dishes, which can be perfectly complemented by a suitable wine. In this article you will learn, which those are and what wines go with them.

Autumn classic: mushrooms

Autumn is the season of mushrooms. The taste of the mushroom is very mild, which is why the wine served with it should also be mild and subtle. Especially Pinot Noir or sylvan fit this description, because from these grape varieties usually light white wines with rather delicate fruit aromas are made.

Porcini and other aromatic mushrooms, on the other hand, should be enjoyed with a wine full of character. For example, a spicy green Veltliner or even a Sauvignon Blanc go particularly well with such mushrooms.

Pumpkin in all variations

Pumpkins are indispensable in autumn. Whether as decoration or in the kitchen, the pumpkin is a constant companion in autumn.

A very popular way to prepare a pumpkin is to make it into a pumpkin soup. For example, dry white Burgundy wines, such as a Pinot Gris or Chardonnay, go well with it. If the soup is a bit spicier, a semi-dry white wine can also be chosen, due to the harmony of sweetness and spiciness.

As a side dish, the pumpkin can be served with a Pinot Blanc or sylvan. These wines are a great pairing for the flavor of the pumpkin. The taste of the dish is not masked but the fine fruity flavors of the pumpkin get particularly emphasized.

Pumpkin is also excellent as a dessert. For example, a Riesling can be served with a pumpkin pie. However, a mild or sweet wine should be chosen, so that it does not taste too bitter in combination with the dessert and the dessert is well complemented.

Try wine with!

Below this post you will find a wide selection of excellent wines that match the described dishes and foods. Cheers!

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