The service network for Americans in Wiesbaden

The Service Network for Americans in Wiesbaden is a service network for Americans stationed in Wiesbaden.

Jessica Dreyer works with a large number of service providers from all conceivable areas to make life in Germany easier for the US Americans and their families. The now self-employed entrepreneur has been working with Americans in Wiesbaden since 2014 and over the years got to know many companies and people who offer services in all areas for citizens from the USA.

Jessica Dreyer has now used these acquaintances to bundle many service providers to build a network with specialized services for US citizens in Wiesbaden. All members of the network are happy to help with problems of all kinds!

What services does the Service Network Wiesbaden offer for US-Americans?

The service network for US citizens living in Wiesbaden offers a variety of services and help for problems of all kinds as well as contacts to various people that make life and leisure activities in Germany easier.

For example, Americans can use the service network to learn German from a local teacher and get help from German insurance companies or when writing German texts. It is also possible to rent apartments, houses and furniture and to buy real estate via the service provider network. Even if a shuttle ride with access to the base is required or a special sightseeing tour through Wiesbaden is desired, important contacts and service providers can be found via the network. Contacts of a trustworthy cleaning service for your own home can also be found in the network.

Free time is not neglected either: Singles can get to know other US or German singles via a secure dating portal as part of the service network.

Connoisseurs don’t miss out because we at are also part of the service network. If you would like to book a wine tasting or would like to find out interesting facts about German wines, you can do so via the Wiesbaden service network, among other things.

In the flyer of the Service Network Wiesbaden you will find all service contacts that can be contacted directly.

Advantages of the Service Network for US citizens in Wiesbaden

All service providers in the service network for Americans are experienced professionals in their field, motivated, friendly and trustworthy. In addition, (almost) all of them speak English fluently or try to do their best to enable smooth communication. Jessica Dreyer has personal contact with the service providers and knows that you can trust the company.

Here you can find the flyer of the Service Network Wiesbaden with all the important contacts and service providers who can and want to make your life in Wiesbaden easier. is part of the Service Network Wiesbaden

We at also offer our wine tastings and wine events via the Wiesbaden service network. Regardless of whether a private wine event is to be planned or you want to take part in a virtual wine tasting or a wine tasting on site at the winemaker – we are at your side and both offer you a large selection of wine tastings with wine and winemakers from all over the world. In our online wine shop we also offer a large selection of different wines for you to try and order! Whether you are an expert or a beginner: everyone is welcome to our wine tastings. Because the wine tastings are not just for tasting delicious wine – you can also learn first-hand everything about viticulture and winemaking of the respective wine from the winemaker or wine merchant.

Get in touch with us

Are you interested in a virtual wine tasting in a small group according to your wishes and ideas? Or do you want to take part in one of the wine tastings that we organize? Then you are welcome to contact us:

+49 6129 – 53 73 095 

Alternatively, you can book an appointment for a free initial consultation directly online.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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