Rheingau’s Riesling, Merlot from France and wine tastings – originated from an online marketing agency

I don’t usually drink at work – if it weren’t for wine-love.de. A wineshop where you can buy wine online and book analog and virtual wine tastings.

My name is Beate and I am the founder of an online marketing agency. In wine-love.de I combine my private and professional interests. In addition to my marketing work, I enjoy getting to know good wines on trips near and far, whether it is in a “Straußwirtschaft” in the Mosel Valley or on one of the terraces of Santorini.

A main goal of mine is to get to know rather unknown wine varieties from the regions of Greece, Portugal and Germany. Because I think especially there, is still much to discover.

Wine Tasting in your living room

This experience with all senses has given me so much pleasure that I have presented wine from around the world in a blog and on Instagram and Facebook. As part of this, in 2020 I started organizing virtual wine tastings in my online marketing agency’s network. Then, in September 2020, wine-love.de came into being. Here, the events can also be booked online and the wines can be ordered in my shop.

Whether between the vineyards in Rheinhessen or the mountains of Argentina – at every wine tasting the same questions arise

Weinberg Wein Sonnenuntergang
  • A light breeze blowing through the grapevines and the warm sun on your skin 
  • The pleasant coolness of a wine cellar and the dark wood of the wine barrels 
  • The feeling of community, slowing down everyday life and a relaxed atmosphere 

Do you find this as beautiful as I do? Here we are back again with the Primitivo: cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and dark forest fruits. These are the aromas that distinguish this grape variety. Now, however, the following questions arose for me in the early days: 

These questions opened up to me over the years on different journeys. This led me, or rather the winemakers I work with, to pass on the knowledge to the participants of my events. The wine events were so well received that wine-love.de came into being and the range of events continues to grow.

The Wine-Love Philosophy: Meaningfulness Literally – Wine Tasting and Sustainability

During the course of time, principles developed according to which I design my wine shop and events:

  • Pleasant atmosphere: Whether virtually, in your living room or at a winery – an open, relaxed, fun and collaborative atmosphere is the be-all and end-all for our events.
  • Whether you are an expert or a newbie: everyone is welcome to join us
  • For the senses and the mind: An experience with all senses and knowledge transfer from experts is our goal
  • Great variety: Whether Argentina, Greece, Southern Italy, Portugal or the Rheingau – we offer wines from a wide range of regions
  • Passing on of traditions and protection of the growing region by winegrowers: The taste of the wine and the high-quality, as well as sustainable production and the protection of the growing region are equally important to us. For this reason, you will also find certified organic wines.

Life is too short for bad wine

What are you waiting for? On our website you can register for a wine tasting and order wine from all over the world. Be it rosé, red or white wine? Or maybe sparkling wine, secco or spumante? What are you most in the mood for? The wines that are pre-ordered at the events (which are also bilingual) are also available in the wine store afterwards.

You can also find out about the different winemakers and wine merchants on the home page and see testimonials from previous wine events.

I wish you a lot of fun and great inspirations!


Beate Müller