My name is Beate Müller, I live in Wiesbaden and in september 2020 I launched the wine and event shop next to my online marketing agency.


Virtual wine events in your living room

Even before I presented wines from all over the world in my blog, on Facebook and on Instagram with I taste the wines at home, on excursions to the surrounding wine regions or on trips near and far. In the course of this, I have also organized wine tastings in the network of my online marketing agency.


Bilingual virtual wine evenings

In March I created these events as online events. This has been so well received that the events have been continued and has become The events are partly held in two languages, because many participants are Americans stationed in Wiesbaden.


Registration virtual wine tasting and wine shop

On my website you can register for virtual wine events and (re)order wines from winemakers all over the world. The wines that are presented during the events are still available in the wine shop afterwards. You can also visit the home page to find out about the various winemakers and wine merchants and view testimonials from previous wine event participants.


Cooperation with winegrowers and wine traders

I work together with different winegrowers and wine traders and attach great importance to a sustainable and good cooperation. The winegrowers come from different countries and are committed to passing on traditional values and protecting the growing regions.


I hope you enjoy participating in our wine events and getting to know very different wines from all over the world!


Beate Müller