2016 – Crianza Tempranillo – Winery Tritium


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Crianza Tempranillo – A fruity wine with berry notes

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The Rioja growing region

The Crianza Tempranillo is grown in the Cenicero region, which is one of the most prestigious wine-growing regions of Rioja. Located on the Ebro River, Rioja consists of the sub-regions Rioja Oriental. Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta. Over 60% of the cultivated area, are occupied by Tempranillo. More than 20000 winegrowers produce their wines in the region. Mostly red wines, but also white or rosé wines are produced.

The taste of Rioja wine

The wine convinces with a large fruit content. One can note a taste of red berries. Especially a note of strawberries and blackberries stands out.

The winery of the Crianza Tempranillo

Bodega Tritium grows its wines on very nutrient-rich soil. Already for five generations, the winery is now run by the winemaking family. The bodega places great emphasis on preserving the natural environment of the vineyards. Instead of building a new wine cellar, the bodega has restored an old cellar from the 16th century. Contrary to current trends, the bodega uses tritium native yeast and enzymes, resulting in very characterful and individual wines.

The production of the red wine

The Crianza matures for a full 16 months to reach its full potential. It is stored in oak barrels.

The Tempranillo grape variety

The Tempranillo grape variety is one of the most important red wine varieties in Spain. The name means “small early”, because the small grapes ripen very early. The vines were first cultivated by Spanish monks. The grape variety is a cross between Albillo Mayor and Benedicto. This results in very expressive wines with a fragrant – fruity character. They develop best when aged in wooden barrels. The wines are very soft and have a mild tannin, which is why they can be drunk as young wines. Do you want to know more about this grape variety? Click here for an article.

Matching dishes to Crianza Tempranillo

The wine is best enjoyed with mild meat dishes such as lamb or poultry.

The importer Wine Wonders

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