Kreuznach Pinot Noir – Winery Steitz


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Kreuznach Pinot Noir – Steitz vom Donnersberg – Nahe, Germany

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Kreuznach Pinot Noir: Sensual Depth Meets Elegance

The Kreuznach Pinot Noir is a masterpiece of winemaking. Originating from the picturesque vineyards of Bad Kreuznach, special soil conditions provide an extraordinary foundation for this red wine. In its aromatic profile, it exudes notes of ripe berries, fine wood, and a hint of vanilla.

The deep, fruity nuances and its velvety texture make every sip an unforgettable experience. The elegance and finesse of this wine reflect the passion and expertise of the vintners from Bad Kreuznach.


Steitz Winery in Rheinhessen

Steitz Winery is always committed to combining the unique characteristics of the growing regions in their wines. With patience, devotion, precision, and a deep connection to their homeland, exceptional wines of special quality are produced at Steitz Winery.

The substrate of the vineyards and the wine climate along the Nahe and in the west of Hesse make the wine distinctive through the nurturing hand of the winemaker and worth tasting.

A key aspect for the Steitz family is also sustainable viticulture. Every step of the wine growing and production process is considered in the long term and with an eye to future generations. The result is an outstanding wine experience.


Suitable Dishes

The Kreuznach Pinot Noir is an exquisite match for lamb, game dishes, and medium-strength cheese.

Its rich aromas and silky structure complement the flavors of these dishes, enhancing their aromas, thereby creating a culinary balance that showcases both the wine and the food. A feast for the palate.


Wine from Rheinhessen

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