Spin Negoska (BIO) – Winery Chatzivaritis


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Spin Negoska PGI (BIO) – Chatzivaritis – Goumenissa, Greece

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Spin Negoska: A Natural Wine Wonder from Fyliria

Dive into the world of Spin Negoska – an organic natural wine whose grapes hail from the sandy, fertile vineyards of Fyliria in the renowned wine region of Goumenissa.

This carefully crafted wine unites two different harvest times from the same vintage – early and late – in a harmonious fusion of taste and aroma. Manually selected and crushed, the grapes ferment separately in INOX tanks, without additives, clarification, or filtration, and with minimal sulfur content.

While the early harvested grapes undergo a 5-day maceration, the later picked experience an intensive, 3-week processing. After a gentle pressing of the skins, the wine matures for 4 months in French oak barrels before the two components are blended together.

Behold the robust red, interlaced with a hint of purplish-red, and let yourself be enchanted by aromas of black cherries, small red fruits, licorice, vanilla, spices, and green pepper. Taste-wise, Spin Negoska presents itself full-bodied and well-structured, with balanced tannins and acidity, rounded off by a long, impressive finish.


Chatzivaritis Estate Winery

The Chatzivaritis Estate, founded by Vangelis Chatzivaritis and prominent in the Greek wine industry, combines traditional winemaking and organic farming in the scenically located Goumenissa region.

Starting as a passionate hobby and later involving subsequent generations, particularly through Chloe Chatzivaritis, who brought international oenology experiences, the winery has steadily evolved and expanded.

Today, with an impressive range of primarily Greek grape varieties, Chatzivaritis Estate stands for high-quality wine while celebrating a rich family tradition and deep connection to the Greek terroir.


Suitable Pairings

This complex and rich red wine ideally accompanies grilled beef, lamb chops, game dishes, or hearty pasta dishes. It also harmonizes excellently with mature cheeses and Mediterranean antipasti. Spin Negoska promises an authentic Greek wine experience for discerning connoisseurs.

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