Gran Cuvée Bianco VS Bianco Brut Farnese Vini


(18,53  / 1 Liter)

Gran Cuvée Bianco VS Bianco Brut Farnese Vini – Abruzzia, Italy

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The Gran Cuvée Bianco wine 

The Gran Cuvée Bianco is a fresh wine with a fruity note of citrus fruits and white flowers. The taste of the wine is dry and pleasantly fruity with aromas of apple and citrus. It is mineral with a robust acidity that gives it a nice freshness.  

The origin of the Gran Cuvée Bianco 

The sparkling wine comes from Abruzzia and consists of the coccociola grape that occurs here. Since the 14th century high-quality wines are produced in the region, which at that time enjoyed a high reputation on many aristocratic tables. Now the wines are being produced under the direction of Farnese Vini, who has turned to the local autochthonous grape varieties, but also international vines.

The grapes for the sparkling wine are harvested fully ripe, destemmed and pressed. This is followed by a short maceration at cold temperatures and the pressing of the grapes. The resulting base wine is then stored in the pressure tank using the Charmat method at the cooled temperatures for 3 months before it is bottled using the counter-pressure method and then sold relatively fresh. 

Food recommendations for the Gran Cuvée Bianco 

Due to its nature, it is particularly suitable as a drier aperitif for parties. As a food companion, it goes well with fresh sea fish that is lightly grooved or steamed. It is also a very good choice with fresh oysters. 

Additional information

Grape variety

Contains sulphites



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