Xinomavro-Negosca – Winery Chatzivaritis


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Xinomavro-Negosca – Winery Chatzivaritis

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Xinomavro-Negosca: Greece’s Jewel Among Red Wines

The Xinomavro-Negosca is compared by some connoisseurs even to high-quality Barolos, not only because of its uniqueness but also due to its similar flavor profiles to Nebbiolo. The Xinomavro grape is enriched by 30% of the fruity, tannin-rich Negosca grapes.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by an intense aroma of rum, raisins, and a hint of mint. Over time, notes of sweet spices, bitter squash, preserved cherries, and blackberries reveal themselves.

On the palate, the wine unfolds impressive complexity: sun-dried tomatoes, pomegranates, and plums mingle with coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and licorice. This is all rounded off by notes of bay leaves and black olives. A full-bodied, balanced wine with a lasting flavor.


Chatzivaritis Estate Winery

The Chatzivaritis Estate, founded by Vangelis Chatzivaritis and prominent in the Greek wine industry, combines traditional winemaking and organic farming in the scenically located Goumenissa region.

Starting as a passionate hobby and later involving subsequent generations, particularly through Chloe Chatzivaritis, who brought international oenology experiences, the winery has steadily evolved and expanded.

Today, with an impressive range of primarily Greek grape varieties, Chatzivaritis Estate stands for high-quality wine while celebrating a rich family tradition and deep connection to the Greek terroir.


Suitable Pairings

This multifaceted Xinomavro-Negosca pairs excellently with grilled lamb, mature cheese, and Mediterranean dishes featuring sun-dried tomatoes and olives. A true delight for every lover of Greek wines.

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