2020 Klados – White Diva Vidiano, PGI – Greece


10,25  / 1000 ml

2020 Klados – White Diva Vidiano, PGI – Greece

Minimum order: 3 bottles

Produkt enthält: 750 ml

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The winery Klados is a family business based in the region Rethymno on Crete. There the winery produces this dry white wine “White Diva” out of the grape Vidiano that is typical for the region..

The “White Diva” has a bright yellow-greenish colour. The wine’s bouquet des Weines captivates with its complex aroma of lime, apples and apricots as well as with a slight mineral taste. In the mouth floral aspects of jasmine and herbs becomes noticeable.

The white wine fits with stuffed wine leaves, salads, sardines, courgette, bean salad and greek hard cheese.

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